StrayStones is the work of designer and metalsmith Jenny Pulling, of Kitchener, ON. Using a variety of techniques, and drawing inspiration from nature and geometry, Jenny creates bold, one-of-a-kind jewellery and accessories from copper, brass and sterling silver.

Her favourite techniques include piercing, riveting, etching, and reticulation.



The early stages of StrayStones began during the semi-nomadic years I spent in Latin America, where I was inspired by the many talented and resourceful artisans I encountered. Through these artisans I began to explore creating jewellery from waxed linen, wire, gemstones, and found objects like shells and seeds. Born from these creations was StrayStones; named for my early pieces that incorporated the 'stray' stones I had collected on my travels.

In 2011 I returned home to Canada, driven to expand on my skill base. I signed up for an introductory metalsmithing workshop, which introduced me to a number of basic tools and techniques, giving me the foundations to begin exploring the world of metalsmithing on my own.

Since then my skill base has continued to grow, and many of the techniques I now use have been self-taught.  There's been a lot of trial and error, but I love the excitement of experimenting with new designs and techniques.

Come visit me at one of the many events or shows I'll be participating in this year and say hello!

- Jenny Pulling -

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